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Loan Amount: $40,166.98
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Loan Status: DEFAULTED
Loan Status: Current
Deferred Payments For Up To 3 Years
Garnishment: Filed
Garnishment: Released
TAX REFUND: $7,200
Kept By IRS
TAX REFUND: $7,200
NO Longer Kept By IRS
Student Loan Forgiveness For Teachers & Public Servants
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Default & Consequences
What is Student Loan Default?
Default occurs if you fail to make timely payments for 270 days. Once a student loan goes into “default” status the full balance of the loan becomes due immediately. It also means that other options for delaying payment, including student loan deferment and forbearance, can no longer be used. Furthermore you will be ineligible to obtain student aid should you wish to continue your education.
Can I Get out of Default?
Yes by refinancing your Defaulted Student Loan into a New Student Loan. Contact us today to understand your options!
What happens if I default?
Federal Student Loans are guaranteed by the Federal government. They cannot go away with time or be discharged through bankruptcy. Therefore Federal and State Guarantee Agencies and their Collection Agencies have a tremendous amount of leverage in the collection process. Default Penalties may include:
  • Wage Garnishment (@15%-25% of your paycheck)
  • Payment Penalties (@ 18%)
  • Ineligible for Financial Aid
  • Tax Liens; IRS Tax Offsets
  • Harassing Calls from Collection Agencies
  • Ruins your credit score
  • Not Eligible for FHA
  • Ineligible for deferments and forbearance
  • Suspension or Non-Renewal of Professional Licenses
  • Litigation and Judgment Costs
  • No access to your Diploma & Transcripts
Can My Wages Be Garnished?
Yes! Student Loan lenders have extremely powerful means to collect on Defaulted Student Loans. Wage Garnishment is one of the most common methods employed to collect on Federal Defaulted Student Loans. Furthermore, in this economic environment, government agencies have become even more aggressive in the collection of Defaulted Student Loans. Although there are laws to protect your rights in debt collection, collection agencies employ very aggressive tactics. You may experience high pressure phone calls at both home and work that can be disruptive and frustrating. Most employers take a very negative attitude toward their employees receiving collection calls at work.
Wage Garnishment
Wage Garnishment is a popular tactic of agencies and collectors to collect on Defaulted Student Loans. Unfortunately for Student Loan borrowers, Wage Garnishment is a simple process for lenders to institute. Furthermore, wage garnishment is very effective; since it guarantees lenders will collect monies owed unless you quit or lose your job. Lenders are not required to go to court to start garnishing your wages.
Income Tax Refund Being Taken
Seizure of your income tax refund is another very common practice of student loan guarantors and collection agencies. Our program will stop this from happening. Our loan professionals will work diligently to refinance Defaulted Student Loans and prevent your income tax refund from being taken.
Revocation of Driver’s License and/or Professional License
Many states are now revoking or refusing to renew driver’s licenses and/or professional licenses of individuals who have defaulted student loans. Eliminate this possibility with our program.
Can Bankruptcy Help Me to Avoid My Student Loans?
This may be difficult to hear, but in most cases bankruptcy is not a viable means to discharge your Federal Student Loans. Under certain and specific circumstances you can discharge your obligation to repay a student loan in bankruptcy. For example your loan may be discharged only if the first payment became due on the debt at least seven years before the bankruptcy was filed. So, if this is the case, in your situation bankruptcy will not resolve your Defaulted Student Loans.
Can Collection Agencies help?
Lenders often hire Collection Agencies to intimidate Student Loan borrowers. Guarantors have contracts with various collection agencies to collect the debt on their behalf. As you can imagine, bill collectors are typically ruthless people who have only one thing in mind: getting debtors – that is, you – to pay their bills. If you haven’t already encountered the Collection Agency side of the Defaulted Student Loan business, count yourself fortunate indeed. Collection Agencies will often do everything in their power to collect debts, including threatening phone calls at all hours of the day and night. The anxiety this can cause is unbelievable. Some bill collectors take their jobs and the way they deal with people over the “line” and make it virtually impossible to work with them to resolve this matter. Heavy penalties & high collection charges: Defaulted student loans carry heavy penalties that can quickly increase the balance of your student loan and double or triple the amount owed in just a few years. When the student loan goes into default, there is a twenty five percent default fee that is attached very quickly. If you loan just went into default, or is about to go into default, we may be able to help you avoid this fee. In addition, agencies will add continuing collection charges raising your cost even higher. With these kinds of costs you could pay on your student loan indefinitely! Stop your loans from growing out of control with our student loan refinancing program.
What Happens to My Credit Rating
Student Loan Defaults will have a negative impact on your credit score. One of the absolute worst things about going into default is that your credit report is updated to show that your student loans are in default. Your credit report now carries an I9 listing – the absolute worst listing you can have for a trade line (or credit line) on your credit report. An I9 listing will prevent you from being able to apply for a mortgage, car loan, and additional sources of credit. Furthermore in this difficult jobs market, many employers are accessing prospective employees’ credit reports and not hiring them if their credit looks bad. Defaulted Student Loans will cause Derogatory credit ratings. One of the most detrimental entries on your credit report is that of a Defaulted Student Loan. You may not qualify for a home mortgage or may pay an extremely high penalty to qualify. If you can qualify for an automobile loan or other financing, you will be penalized with extremely high interest rates. As long as you owe the funds, the negative entry could stay on your credit reports indefinitely! With our program, your default will be either be eliminated on your report or your Defaulted Student Loan will be reported as paid in full. We can help you begin to rebuild your good credit again.
I was denied Financial Aid
A Defaulted Student Loan will prohibit you from obtaining financial aid. As long as you have a Defaulted Student Loan, you will be ineligible to receive any additional financial aid or student loans to continue your education. We will refinance your Defaulted Student Loans. Our solutions are fast and effective. Once your student loans are out of default, you will once again become eligible for financial aid. If you are in need of student loan refinancing,call to speak with one of our loan professionals or complete the submission form on this page.
Lawsuit initiated by the Federal Government
In addition to the defaulted status on your student loan, you could be summoned to court by the federal government resulting in a judgment being placed on your record, damaging your credit even further. These judgments can be renewed every seven years. You could avoid a lawsuit by taking care of your student loan through our program.
Refinance, Deferment & Forbearance
Have you exhausted all of your deferment and forbearance options? Utilizing our programs, students can access all the benefits of deferment and forbearance. We will reinstate your Defaulted Student Loans, and renew your options for deferment or forbearance.
Reduce Your Payments
National Student Loan Aid can reduce Student Loan payments. We work with our clients to reduce monthly payments by as much as 50%. Whether you’re looking to simplify a maze of loans, reduce your monthly payment, escape default, or stop wage garnishment, we deliver results. Our job is to provide student loan refinance. We can help to clarify your Student Loan, and reduce your payments to one easy and affordable low payment.
Stop Harassing phone calls from Bill Collectors
Bill collectors work for Lenders. Bill collectors will try to collect on Defaulted Student Loans. In most cases this is not the best option. These services can add collection costs to your loan, ranging from 18.5% to 40% of the uncollected balance. Our solutions provide a much less expensive alternative to get student loan refinance. Bill collectors will employ everything in their power to collect on your Student Loans, including ruthless tactics, harassing phone calls at all hours of the day and night, and threatening letters. The anxiety this can cause is unbelievable. Our solutions will stop bill collectors.
Can I Get out of Default? Yes by refinancing your Defaulted Student Loan into a New Student Loan.
Our professionals work on your behalf to explore all options to refinance your federal Defaulted Student Loans. Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly payment, escape default, or stop wage garnishment, we deliver results by refinancing you to a new student loan. Our job is to provide student loan refinance assistance. Our solutions are simple, fast and effective. If you are in need of student loan refinancing, call to speak with one of our loan professionals or complete the submission form on this page.